Monday, May 5, 2008

Beautiful Konkan!!

These were taken near Karenjeshwari Temple (Chiplun) who happens to be our Kuldevi
Simply breathtaking!!

These are some of the exotic pictures taken in our very own Konkan!! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beauty of eight!!

Hello everybody...This is a wonderful concept of writing 8 things about any particular category that u can think of.. I have shamelessly indulged in plagiarism and the idea is stolen from a friend of mine Ms. Aditi Chiplunkar. Still I am not ashamed coz it seems she too has gotten the idea from someone else.. (No offense gal :D) goes a list of categories which I can think of right now!!

Eight Male Actors I am craaaazzzzzzzy about
(and crazzzy means really crazzy!!!)
1) Wentworth Miller
2) Dominic Purcell
3) Gerard Butler
4) Hrithik Roshan
5) Chris Pine
6) Daniel Craig
7) Sean Connery
8) George Clooney

(Yeah I donn adore Bollywood actors that much!!)

Eight things I want to do before I die
1) Visit Europe, Australia, America, Brazil, South East Asia
2) Have a date with Wentworth Miller
3) Shake hands with the people behind Google
(boy!!! Are they awesome!!)
4) Get a job at Google (Hopefully they will fall for my charm!! :P)
5) Get a job at Microsoft (In case Google ites do not fall for my charm)
6) Go on moon (Heard Richard Branson is planning something!!)
7) Want to go on a cruise
8) Want to do some heavy charity (seems as i can afford going on the moon
a little charity wont hurt!! :P)

Eight qualities I like in people
1) Politeness
2) Humility
3) Sensitivity
4) Pride (not vanity)
5) Confidence
6) Lack of superficiality
7) Caring
8) Intelligence and wit

Eight people I simply adore in my life
1) My Mother
2) My Father
3) My Sister
4) Aaji
5) My late Mama Ajooba
6) My niece Maitreyi
7) KeKu (She is an angel!!)
8) And of course me myself!!

Eight things that I cannot live without
1) My home (obviously!!)
2) My cell
3) My computer
4) My wallet
5) My bike
6) All my books (Fictional!! I am no geek!!Thank You!!)
7) All my shoes
8) Oxygen!!! (haha)

Eight Books over which I cried buckets!!
1) P.S. I Love You
2) Kite Runner
3) Exodus
5) Harry Potter (The entire series)
6) Little Women
7) Great Expectations
8) The fourth estate ( Yawned so much that I cried!!)

Eight Things that I wish the world would NOT have
1) Racism
2) Abuse (Of any form)
3) Pollution
4) Any movie which is a remake of some movie in other language (I mean c'mon guys use those
gray cells)
5) Torture that we are subjected to before our submissions
6) Torture that we are subjected during college life
7) Peer Pressure
8) Rakhi Sawant ( I would wish for a reformed version!!)

Nwe thats all folks...More later...Ciao!!